Distress­ed Health Care

We support you in any required restructuring tasks for your hospital and, jointly with you, optimize its strategic direction.

Health Care

Political decisions expose hospitals to severe economic pressure. Commencing with the switch of the reimbursement scheme for in-patient services to the DRG system after the year 2001, rules and stipulations have constantly become stricter. Tougher requirements of resource deployment have coupled with reimbursements not necessarily covering those cost to the full extent. The recently imposed additional burdens from the Personnel Limits Act as well as from the new German Medical Service of the Health Funds (MDK) bill lead to a heavy increase of economic problems.

Insufficient strategic positioning and multiple inefficiencies in daily operations regularly lead to a downturn into the loss area. This creates tremendous challenges to the responsible leadership as well as the owners – severe decisions have to be taken, even until hospital closure.

In order to prevent this, tangible actions are to be taken – now.

It is easy to recognize that, for many hospitals, and hence for their owners, the sheer continuation of current practice, i. e. marginal optimisation is not adequate and sufficient any more: Rather, restructuring pathways to be consequently implemented have to be developed and pursued.

Restructuring instruments foreseen by policy makers will grant short-term improvements.

By utilising those, business models can be rebuilt more substantially, liquidity crises overcome and debts restructured. Depending on the individual situation, the respective instruments are applied in a targeted and effective manner. Following restructuring scenarios are available:

We provide support in all phases of business development and restructuring. Our advisory services are never limited to single perspectives only. Rather, we always combine strategic and operational aspects and look at the relevant parameters from different angels.


Each roadmap is tailor-made for your company – it is purposefully drafted to provide a clear guideline and orientation to all participants. However, as a general rule we commence each assignment by auditing insolvency.


Review of the
continuation forecast

Preparation of
IDW S6 expert opinion
or insolvency plan

Drafting of
financial status

Drafting of financial plan for year-to-date as well as next fiscal year

Setting up of plans in compliance with legal stipulations

Measures to reinstitute and secure liquidity

Measures to re-obtain a positive continuation forecast

Measures for sustainable restructuring embedded in integrated corporate planning

Operational competencuies


By foundation of the new partnership, the major and renowned restructuring expert Schneider Geiwitz and Antegrad GmbH, highly specialized in opearational (!) business development in the hospital/health segment have joined forces.

In this very specific and critical situation, we are available to hospital owners with dedicated advisory and implementation services.

Our team bundles competencies from corporate development, development of health concepts, legal advise, acquisition of and application for public funding, hospital (crisis) management, hospital restructuring and bankruptcy administration.

Jointly, we offer an unique Distressed Healthcare advisory portfolio, containing a vast compendium of concrete solutions and measures.

Our applied focus is: Speed in strategy definition and implementation aiming to economic recovery and safeguarding.

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Antegrade optimizes the
hospital performance

We support your healthcare company on all levels to achieve a better strategy and organization.
We cover the following key aspects:

Organizational development

We help you develop a suitable structure and organisation for your health company


We examine your departments in detail and develop the ideal portfolio for your individual target market.

Development & control of the entire tertiary area

We improve performance and efficiency across all parts of your business – from catering services to central sterilization.

Corporate management systems

With a customized corporate management system, your hospital will be more transparent, and visions will be more easily implemented.


As an interim manager, we help you to improve your management, implement changes and support you on all levels.

Cooperation Development & Merger

We help you to cooperate with other companies, develop the allocation of tasks and create a win-win situation.

Digitalization & IT development

We accompany you competently on the path of digitalization – from the process concept to digital strategy development and implementation.

Business Management & Training

Antegrad develops efficient management systems, helps with its implementation and trains the managers.

Distressed Health Care

We support you with all necessary measures for your hospital and help you to optimize your strategic positioning.