Distress­ed Health Care

We sup­port you in any requi­red rest­ruc­tu­ring tasks for your hos­pi­tal and, joint­ly with you, opti­mi­ze its stra­te­gic direction.

Health Care

Poli­ti­cal decisi­ons expo­se hos­pi­tals to seve­re eco­no­mic pres­su­re. Com­men­cing with the switch of the reim­bur­se­ment sche­me for in-pati­ent ser­vices to the DRG sys­tem after the year 2001, rules and sti­pu­la­ti­ons have con­stant­ly beco­me stric­ter. Tougher requi­re­ments of resour­ce deploy­ment have cou­pled with reim­bur­se­ments not necessa­ri­ly covering tho­se cost to the full extent. The recent­ly impo­sed addi­tio­nal bur­dens from the Per­son­nel Limits Act as well as from the new Ger­man Medi­cal Ser­vice of the Health Funds (MDK) bill lead to a hea­vy incre­a­se of eco­no­mic problems.

Insuf­fi­ci­ent stra­te­gic posi­tio­ning and mul­ti­ple inef­fi­ci­en­ci­es in dai­ly ope­ra­ti­ons regu­lar­ly lead to a down­turn into the loss area. This crea­tes tre­men­dous chal­len­ges to the respon­si­ble lea­ders­hip as well as the owners — seve­re decisi­ons have to be taken, even until hos­pi­tal closure.

In order to pre­vent this, tan­gi­ble actions are to be taken — now.

It is easy to reco­gni­ze that, for many hos­pi­tals, and hence for their owners, the sheer con­ti­nua­tion of cur­rent prac­ti­ce, i. e. mar­gi­nal opti­mi­sa­ti­on is not ade­qua­te and suf­fi­ci­ent any more: Rather, rest­ruc­tu­ring pathways to be con­se­quent­ly imple­men­ted have to be deve­lo­ped and pursued.

Rest­ruc­tu­ring instru­ments fore­se­en by poli­cy makers will grant short-term improvements.

By uti­li­sing tho­se, busi­ness models can be rebuilt more sub­stan­ti­al­ly, liqui­di­ty cri­ses over­co­me and debts rest­ruc­tu­red. Depen­ding on the indi­vi­du­al situa­ti­on, the respec­ti­ve instru­ments are app­lied in a tar­ge­ted and effec­ti­ve man­ner. Fol­lowing rest­ruc­tu­ring sce­n­a­ri­os are available:

We pro­vi­de sup­port in all pha­ses of busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment and rest­ruc­tu­ring. Our advi­so­ry ser­vices are never limi­ted to sin­gle per­spec­ti­ves only. Rather, we always com­bi­ne stra­te­gic and ope­ra­tio­nal aspects and look at the rele­vant para­me­ters from dif­fe­rent angels.


Each road­map is tailor-made for your com­pa­ny — it is pur­po­se­ful­ly draf­ted to pro­vi­de a clear gui­de­li­ne and ori­en­ta­ti­on to all par­ti­ci­pants. Howe­ver, as a gene­ral rule we com­mence each assign­ment by audi­t­ing insolvency.


Review of the
continuation forecast

Preparation of
IDW S6 expert opinion
or insolvency plan

Drafting of
financial status

Drafting of financial plan for year-to-date as well as next fiscal year

Setting up of plans in compliance with legal stipulations

Measures to reinstitute and secure liquidity

Measures to re-obtain a positive continuation forecast

Measures for sustainable restructuring embedded in integrated corporate planning

Ope­ra­tio­nal competencuies


By foun­da­ti­on of the new part­ners­hip, the major and renow­ned rest­ruc­tu­ring expert Schnei­der Gei­witz and Antegrad GmbH, high­ly spe­cia­li­zed in opeara­tio­nal (!) busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment in the hospital/health seg­ment have joi­ned for­ces.

In this very spe­ci­fic and cri­ti­cal situa­ti­on, we are avail­ab­le to hos­pi­tal owners with dedi­ca­ted advi­so­ry and imple­men­ta­ti­on ser­vices.

Our team bund­les com­pe­ten­ci­es from cor­po­ra­te deve­lo­p­ment, deve­lo­p­ment of health con­cepts, legal advi­se, acqui­si­ti­on of and app­li­ca­ti­on for public fun­ding, hos­pi­tal (cri­sis) manage­ment, hos­pi­tal rest­ruc­tu­ring and bankrupt­cy admi­nis­tra­ti­on.

Joint­ly, we offer an uni­que Dis­tres­sed Health­ca­re advi­so­ry port­fo­lio, con­tai­ning a vast com­pen­di­um of con­cre­te solu­ti­ons and mea­su­res.

Our app­lied focus is: Speed in stra­te­gy defi­ni­ti­on and imple­men­ta­ti­on aiming to eco­no­mic reco­very and safeguarding.

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Antegrade optimizes the
hospital performance

We sup­port your health­ca­re com­pa­ny on all levels to achie­ve a bet­ter stra­te­gy and orga­niz­a­ti­on.
We cover the fol­lowing key aspects:

Organizational development

We help you deve­lop a sui­ta­ble struc­tu­re and orga­ni­sa­ti­on for your health company


We exami­ne your depart­ments in detail and deve­lop the ide­al port­fo­lio for your indi­vi­du­al tar­get market.

Development & control of the entire tertiary area

We impro­ve per­for­mance and effi­ci­en­cy across all parts of your busi­ness — from cate­ring ser­vices to cen­tral sterilization.

Corporate management systems

With a cus­to­mi­zed cor­po­ra­te manage­ment sys­tem, your hos­pi­tal will be more trans­pa­rent, and visi­ons will be more easi­ly implemented.


As an inte­rim mana­ger, we help you to impro­ve your manage­ment, imple­ment chan­ges and sup­port you on all levels.

Cooperation Development & Merger

We help you to coope­ra­te with other com­pa­nies, deve­lop the allo­ca­ti­on of tasks and crea­te a win-win situation.

Digitalization & IT development

We accom­pa­ny you com­pet­ent­ly on the path of digi­ta­liz­a­ti­on — from the pro­cess con­cept to digi­tal stra­te­gy deve­lo­p­ment and implementation.

Business Management & Training

Antegrad deve­lo­ps effi­ci­ent manage­ment sys­tems, hel­ps with its imple­men­ta­ti­on and trains the managers.

Distressed Health Care

We sup­port you with all necessa­ry mea­su­res for your hos­pi­tal and help you to opti­mi­ze your stra­te­gic positioning.